What to Expect

Preparing For Your Visit

  • Please be on time - even come a few minutes early if you can. In a community setting, patients are scheduled very close to each other. If you are late, it can back up the clinic. Try to give yourself enough time to get here, find parking, and check in at the front desk. This is greatly appreciated.

  • You will be asked to fill out an Intake Form. You can come about 15 minutes early to your appointment to fill it out at the office or you can download it here and fill it out ahead of time. We would also like you to carefully read the Welcome Letter. We will have you sign consent forms at the office.

  • It's best to eat something and drink some water in the hours prior to your treatment. Ideally, you should not be too hungry or too full.

  • Please wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing. It's helpful to be able to roll up your pant legs and your sleeves.

  • If it's possible, plan to rest after your treatment.

Community Acupuncture

Your First Visit

  • After you check in at the front desk, Amy will greet you and bring you into a private intake room to discuss your health concerns and goals. This typically takes about 10-15 minutes.

  • You will then be brought into the community room for your treatment. Amy will insert the needles and will then allow you to relax for about 20 minutes. You may find that you fall asleep or drift into a deeply relaxed state.

  • Once the needles are removed, one of the other treatment modalities may or may not be used.

  • When your treatment is complete, you can quietly gather your belongings and go back out to the waiting room. Please feel free to sit and relax out there and have some tea or water.

Your Subsequent Visits

  • After you check in at the front desk, you can go quietly into the community room and find a table

  • Amy will come over and ask you a few, brief update questions. She may also check your pulses and take a look at your tongue

  • She will then do your treatment for you and let you rest, just like in your first treatment.

Private Acupuncture

A private session gives you an hour with Amy. Your session may involve lifestyle counseling, a front and a back treatment, or use of other healing modalities such as cups or gua sha. The components of each session will differ depending on your needs.

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