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"I can't say enough about the New Paltz Community Acupuncture Clinic (NPCA). Amy, the acupuncturist is a soft-spoken, caring professional, who listens to the patient with intent. The passion she has for acupuncture is evident in her skill and concern for the patient.
I cope with anxiety and Amy's skills allow my body to relax to the point that I can often doze off. Acupuncture allows me to experience the tranquillity my body craves. If you feel you may benefit from acupuncture contact Amy. I am thankful I made the call!"


-Jessica G.

Carpel Tunnel

"After a few acupuncture treatments from Amy, the numbness and tingling in my hands has been greatly reduced and there is a noticeable difference with my grip strength. Amy provides a very relaxing environment along with professional manner creating a feeling of being very well taken care of. I am thrilled with the results of these treatments.


- Gail L.

Back Pain

"I was having very painful muscle spasms in my back.  Sometimes the pain would knock me to my knees. I had tried every way I could think of to get better and I wasn’t.  Doctors ran lots of tests for lots of things.  I was on a merry-go-round of what ifs.  I received 12 shots from Pain Management.  This didn’t help much at all.  I was referred to Physical Therapy  - they said it might take up to 3 years to help me.  By this time I was at my wits end.  That’s when I heard about Amy and acupuncture. Acupuncture has been around for a long time but I was very skeptical about its working for me.  I have been going for just about a month and on the 2nd visit I started to see a change.  I had said to the doctor at Pain Management that I wanted to get my life back.  With acupuncture I am getting my life back. 

Amy is a kind and caring person.  She always makes sure I’m comfortable.  It’s a quiet atmosphere with soft music.  The acupuncture sessions are relaxing and peaceful.

I have 3 grandsons under the age of 5 and couldn’t even pick them up or sit on the floor with them. Last night I was dancing and picking them up.  Yeah! Our prayers have been answered, my husband’s and mine.  With all sincerity and from my heart, thank you Amy."


- Vawn E.


"I was in great pain from sciatica and decided to try acupuncture. Although a newcomer to New Paltz, I was lucky enough to find Amy Benac. After only four treatments, my pain was completely gone and now, almost 6 months later, has not returned. I found Amy to be efficient, professional, kind and gentle. Her treatment rooms are clean, serene and lovely, and her prices are very reasonable. I will definitely go back to her if ever in pain again."

- Katharine R.

Stop Smoking

"I started going to the clinic based on a friend's suggestion. It was such an awesome experience that I made the decision to finally quit cigarettes with Amy's help after being a committed smoker for 5 years. After a month of treatments I've lost all desire to smoke. Amy is so good at what she does and she has created a special environment to relax and recharge. Getting treatments at New Paltz Community Acupuncture has become a highlight of my week!"

- Alivia M.


"My wife and I were referred to Amy Benac at New Paltz Community Acupuncture by our Physical Therapist. I went to Amy to see if she could help with my issues with mild hypertension and anxiety. I have found her treatments to be incredibly effective. Amy is a true artist in her practice of acupuncture, where her needle placements are done with such precision that you barely know they are there. The clinic experience is more like going to a spa ... with comfortable heated treatment tables, soothing music, and a wonderful subtle aromatherapy fragrance in the air. The overall treatment experience is relaxing and calming. I would, without reservation, recommend Amy Benac to any person seeking professional and effective acupuncture treatments."

-Tom S.

Vertigo, Severe Constipation

"When I was being treated for a severe case of vertigo by my Physical Therapist, she suggested that it might be helpful to also utilize acupuncture to help ease my symptoms. She referred me to Amy Benac at New Paltz Community Acupuncture. I was astounded at the improvement of my symptoms after just a few sessions with Amy. The treatment process not only stabilized, but actually eliminated all of my vertigo symptoms.

"After having that positive experience with the effectiveness of Amy's treatments, I decided to see if she could help me out with what had been a life-long problem with severe constipation. I have had to use laxatives my entire life and after rectal prolapse surgery, my bowels literally stopped working. For the ten years after the surgery, I had to take a strong dose of Milk of Magnesia every four days. After Amy started focusing my acupuncture treatments on constipation issues, I saw an amazing change in my bowel function. For the first time in my life, with Amy's help, my digestive system started functioning normally. And after ten years of Milk of Magnesia every four days, I was able to stop using the laxative totally! My bowels are now functioning in a normal manner that I have never experienced in my life. Amy was able to totally resolve two very serious medical issues through her expert application of her acupuncture techniques!

"I would most strongly encourage anyone who is looking for a holistic treatment for their medical conditions to set up an appointment with Amy Benac."

-Kay S.


"Amy, thank you for bringing such affordable acupuncture to New Paltz! I always leave feeling better. My pain is less since seeing you. I also sleep better at night which is a blessing and adds to my body's ability to heal itself. I appreciate your care and attention; you take so much time with me, you truly go above and beyond. Oh, and the beautiful space and heated treatment tables are such a treat! It's amazing to think that even when having needles poked into my body, I can fall asleep and take a nap while they do their work! I appreciate your business presence in New Paltz."



Sciatica, Cyst

"I have been coming to New Paltz Community Acupuncture for several months. My main complaints have a lifetime of sciatica pain, and a ganglion cyst on my wrist. Through Amy's patient work, the sciatica has subsided and we both noticed that the cyst has been looking less pronounced. I am benefiting both physically and emotionally from my bi-monthly visit."

- Arlene H.



"After a car accident I lost of lot of mobility in my right arm. After about a year and a half I regained some of that mobility, but was still not able to use my arm like I did before the accident and still had a lot of pain. I started acupuncture and I immediately felt a difference. I was starting to be able to use my arm without pain and now I am completely pain free and now able to regain my strength."

- Christine T.


"I first came to Amy Benac for acupuncture in August of 2013. I was feeling extremely depressed and was experiencing panic attacks. I was nervous about acupuncture, not knowing about it, yet still hoping that a non-Western, non-medicinal method might help to alleviate at least some of my symptoms. From the first visit I could see that Amy was a compassionate person. She listens (which in and of itself is a wonderful thing). At all times, whenever I've had a question or concern, she has been instantly responsive and informative. Those first three months of treatment definitely made me feel that I was on the right path. Amy has gently guided me, through her treatments, into productive ways to deal with my mental issues. Thanks to Amy's care, I do feel that a tremendous burden has been lifted, and there is a light at the end of the tunnel - I could not have said that in August 2013. I am deeply grateful for her empathetic, yet ever-professional treatment of my issues."

Susan M.

Shoulder Pain

"For 20 years, since I dislocated my shoulder, I have suffered with occasional right shoulder pain. I have been treated for this by medical doctors and a chiropractor. I started experiencing pain in my shoulder that wouldn't cease. I started treatment at New Paltz Community Acupuncture. I had 9 treatments and I've been free of pain for over a year."

- Donna L.

Hip Pain

"The acupuncture that Amy does on my hip has allowed me to walk without my cane. It has also reduced the pain in my wrist and thumb. It's a good thing."

- Martha M.


"Years of insomnia frustrated me. I was told it was hormonal and menopausal, that it was genetic, that it was anxiety and depression. I was told not to drink coffee, exercise only in the morning, try various medications, drink certain teas, listen to meditation tapes, practice deep breathing, do bio-energy, try chiropractic, and take homeopathic remedies. I did, yet it all seemed hopeless. Then I met Amy Benac, M.S., L.Ac. At our first visit during my intake, she listened. She is a highly intuitive listener who accepts my curiosity about acupuncture. She explained that my yin/yang balance was off due to menopause. This made total sense to me. My mind was always active; no matter how much physical exercise I did, I could not feel tired enough to sleep. After our very first session, I began to sleep better at night. I got up in the mornings without grogginess. I worked, lived my busy life, and by night I became tired enough to sleep. Medications, herbs, teas, meditation tapes, anxiety and apprehension about whether or not I would sleep that night stopped being regular parts of my routine. My visits with Amy continue to produce normal, restful sleep. I can dream again, and for all this I am very grateful to have found her."

Debbie H.

Back Pain

"I called NPCA when my back was "out" and I was in a lot of pain. Amy gave me an appointment for treatment that very same day, although her schedule was full. This was not my first experience with acupuncture. I forgot how good I could feel. My overall energy has increased and, needless to say, my back is so much better. The overall feeling of "wellness" is easily achieved with acupuncture and the peaceful, healing environment that Amy provides at New Paltz Community Acupuncture. Amy is attentive and compassionate and very in tune to the needs of her clients. I am very grateful for her commitment to the community in providing this special, affordable quality of care. As a health care professional, I recognize how much this compassion and professionalism is needed. Thank you Amy for all you provide."

- Mary P.


"My experiences with New Paltz Community Acupuncture have been amazing. I have had pollen allergies for as long as I can remember. After just a few visits with Amy I no longer showed reactions to pollen. At New Paltz Community Acupuncture they make you feel at home and I would suggest this place to anyone who is looking to become and feel healthy."

- Eric T.

Chronic Back Pain

"My chronic back pain from severe, degenerative arthritis dramatically improved after only 4 acupuncture treatments from Amy! I no longer depend on ibuprofen to function normally, and I am usually pain free! Weekly treatments help me so much to maintain the health of my body, mind and spirit. Amy rocks!"

- Amanda P.


"Before starting acupuncture, I would get every sickness around (flu, colds, etc.). Amy has been working on strengthening my immune system and I have not gotten sick, despite working in a college and being around sickness all the time. I love acupuncture. I am scheduling weekly appointments and I am really looking forward to all the benefits I will receive from it. Amy is more than wonderful and I am so happy such a kind, compassionate person brought the huge gift of affordable acupuncture to our area."

- Kristy B.

Knee Pain

"I have been coming to Amy for over 3 years. She has fixed me numerous times for different ailments. At one point, I was having major problems with my knee and Amy advised me to see a doctor. After x-rays and physical therapy, I was doing no better and perhaps worse. Amy eventually fixed the pain without surgery or drugs. I cannot function without her. Shell sure mend what ails you."

Linda B.

Triathlon Training

"Thank you so much for the needles I received. It helped me a lot on my triathlon training and surviving S.O.S. Can't wait to be back in town to get more treatments."

- MaryAnn P.

Lifestyle Changes

"I am grateful to have met Amy Benac at New Paltz Community Acupuncture. I find my time at the clinic the most relaxing of my week. The clinic is very warm, welcoming, and peaceful. Amy is a wonderful, intuitive healer. A friend gave me a gift certificate. At first I was anxious about the process, but was put at ease when Amy explained what to expect.

"My weekly treatments provide vital time to decompress and find stability in the midst of a demanding profession. In-depth lifestyle counseling with Amy has helped me to foster balance in my life, reducing stress, anxiety, and physical tension. I have learned what prioritizing self-care looks like. During the last four years, receiving acupuncture has helped me to build positive momentum to support meaningful lifestyle changes.

"I quit smoking, lost weight, started yoga and meditation and focused on eating healthier, taking advice from Amy to embrace local, organic foods. Acupuncture has helped me feel more in-tune to my well-being, body mind, and spirit."

- Heather C.

Nerve Pain

"I was in a motorcycle accident in which I severed nerves from my spinal cord to my right arm. There was a constant burning throbbing sensation in my arm. I thought I'd try acupuncture to relieve some of the pain. What a good decision that was! After my treatments, I feel better, have less pain, and even sleep better. Amy at New Paltz Community Acupuncture is attentive, caring, and her practice is all around wonderful."

Denise Y.

Bell's Palsy

"Last winter I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy. While surfing the web for information, I kept finding great success stories of folks who went to an acupuncturist. I was recommended by a friend to go see Amy at New Paltz Community Acupuncture. Amy was wonderful and the space was relaxing and inviting. Amy started treatment right away and within 2 weeks I was seeing drastic improvement. This is very unheard of when treated with just traditional medicine. My friends and family were amazed at my quick recovery. I was so amazed at the success of my treatments that I continued acupuncture with Amy. I figured if she can help heal the Bell's Palsy, she must be able to help with other things. I can't recommend Amy, and the wonderful work that she does, enough. Thanks Amy!!!!"

- Tim S.

Lower Back Pain

"I have suffered from lower back pain for years. I also carry my stress between my shoulder blades. I love to garden. The aforementioned sentences were all part of a problem with only periodic solutions until I met Amy Benac and went to New Paltz Community Acupuncture. Acupuncture is soothing to my body and mind. The acupuncture room is tranquil, and each individual bed is screened for privacy. Amy has an innate ability to locate area(s) of discomfort and bring relief. Her caring and professional manner puts me at ease, and her healing hands give me the relief I need so that I may do the things I love . The affordability of acupuncture with Amy allows me to receive balance and pain relief when I need it. I am so pleased that my garden will not be ignored and my whole being is balanced and pain-free thanks to Amy and acupuncture."

- Jane Anne M.

Multiple Sclerosis

"I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis sixteen years ago; that is when the pain and the headaches began. Through the years it's gotten worse and I was almost at my limit of pain medication. I tried every suggestion given to me for pain management, except acupuncture, because it was too expensive. I learned to accept my life with constant pain. I found Amy Benac's practice when I moved to NY and made an appointment. I was treated twice a week for four months and it alleviated about eighty percent of my pain. My future is no longer pills and pain; it is pain-free and alive with possibilities. Words cannot express my gratitude to Amy Benac and her practice. She has given me a life I didn't think possible."

- Wendy P.

Back Pain

"I had severe back pain from driving 200 miles a day for work. I was referred to acupuncture by a friend. I was skeptical at first, but nothing else was working. I came to Amy at New Paltz Community Acupuncture. In a short period of time, I felt so much better. Now with acupuncture and massage, I'm able to keep the pain at bay. Not only that, the acupuncture sessions are calming and relaxing and now I have more energy, more bounce in my step. Acupuncture works!"

Dave H.

Sinus Infections

"I came to New Paltz Community Acupuncture last year because of recurring sinus infections. I was not sure if anything could be done, but I was so tired of the constant headaches and did not want to take any more antibiotics. I was pleasantly surprised at the clean and peaceful room that Amy had created, with soothing music and heated beds. Best of all the acupuncture treatments worked well and after 5 sessions I was free of sinus headaches. This past month I was back (a whole year of being headache free) for another 5 sessions. I have recommended NPCA to several friends with no hesitation and will use Amy's services again for whatever other creaks and groans I develop. Thank you!!"

- Fern C.

Chronic Pain

"Just a few weeks after beginning treatment with Amy at New Paltz Community Acupuncture, I felt years of chronic pains begin to melt away. Amy is adept at acupuncture techniques, in addition to being incredibly attentive, patient, and professional. I have several health problems, including the cause of my pain, degenerative disc disease. Nothing has had any real long-term effect on my pain but after several months of seeing Amy I am virtually pain-free. Acupuncture has also had some other very positive effects on my entire body and my mental state, encouraging a deep relaxation that up until now I had not experienced. At first I was nervous about the "community" setting but I was immediately put at ease when I entered the treatment area. It is very private, and very relaxing with an almost Zen-like feel to it. When I am being treated I don't even remember that there are other people around. The community setting is what makes this wonderful treatment affordable to those of us with very limited incomes. I owe Amy a huge thank you for her great work."

- Mira B.


"I have lung and breathing problems from years of smoking. Acupuncture can't cure my problems, but seeing Amy regularly helps me breathe a lot better - without having to use medications."

- Louis M.


"I have been to many acupuncturists over the past 15 years. When I moved to the area, I was worried I would not find an acupuncturist who had the level of expertise I have grown accustomed to. Well, Amy proved me wrong. She is a HIGHLY skilled acupuncturist. She spends considerable time before each treatment to diagnose and assess my current condition and creatively plans a treatment accordingly. She is sincerely caring, warm, loving and funny to boot! The office runs like clockwork, has a beautiful feel to it. The treatment area is so serene, cozy, comfortable, and rejuvenating."

- Sally C.

Stop Smoking
"I've been getting acupuncture for about 4 months and I feel like it has opened up new possibilities to grow into a more healthy and whole person. I feel calmer and more centered and have incorporated new ways to get more in touch with myself and my feelings. I was anxious most of the time and could not seem to quit smoking. Since being treated by Amy at New Paltz Community Acupuncture, I've quit smoking and am less anxious."

- Jennifer S.


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