Safety Measures

& Protocols

Bamboo water illustrations
Bamboo water illustrations
Keeping everyone as safe as possible is one of our top priorities here at NPCA. We are following guidelines from the CDC, the Department of Health,and the Acupuncture Society of New York. We love you, we love us, and we want everyone to be well.
How I help to keep you safe:
I had the COVID nasal swab test and it was negative.  I get tested regularly.
I wear a new surgical mask each day at all times.
I wear scrubs - I have a pair for every day and are left at the clinic.  When I
come in, I immediately change out of my regular clothes, sanitize my hands
and change into the scrubs.  At the end of the day, I put those in a laundry
bag and change into my regular clothes before I leave.  I also have 2 pairs
of shoes that stay at the clinic.
As I always have and always will, I wash and disinfect my hands before and
after treating each patient. I also constantly disinfect my hands all other
times while at clinic.
General precautions:
We treat 2 patients an hour instead of 4 - 1 person in the front room and
one in the back room
Nobody crosses paths in the waiting room – we have you wait in your car
and then call you when we’ve disinfected everything and are ready for you
to come in
Masks are required to come into the clinic and at all times while in the clinic
- cloth masks are fine – they must cover your nose and mouth and not be

Pre-screening measures for all patients:
Pre-screening questions will be asked the day before and the day of
I open all the doors
I squirt your hands with hand sanitizer as soon as you come in the waiting
room and before you enter the treatment room
I take everyone's temperature (with a contactless thermometer) at the door

Disinfecting measures:
We are no longer using cloth sheets and pillowcases - the massage tables
and pillows now have protective covers on them that are disinfected
between each patient
The disinfectant we are using is called Bioesque - it's non-toxic - the active ingredient is thymol, which is from the herb, thyme. Bioesque has an EPA
registration number that matches another brand name disinfectant (that
hasn't been available) that's on the EPA-N list of approved disinfectants for
use against coronavirus - as long as the EPA number matches, which it does,
it can be used. It is kept on all surfaces for the appropriate dwell time.
All surfaces in the treatment booth and waiting room, and all door handles
are disinfected between patients
There are 3 HEPA/UV air purifiers throughout the clinic running before,
during, and after treatments
Hand sanitizer is available in each treatment booth and you'll be asked to
use it before leaving the room
The carpet is steam-cleaned regularly (I bought a steam cleaner for the
Even with all of these new measures, I do everything that I can to maintain the relaxing, lovely atmosphere of the clinic that you have come to know and enjoy - it is part of the whole treatment process and the spirit of the clinic.  There is still soothing music, the plants, the soft lighting, the calming scents, the table warmers - and, of course, the incredible healing abilities of acupuncture and rest time