The community clinic model hasn’t been feasible due to all of the COVID-19 safety protocols and measures, but we are still here for you and we are still able to offer some lower-cost options in addition to private individual appointments.

Semi-private Acupuncture Clinic

During a semi-private session, another person will be in the clinic at the same time as you – 1 person will be in the back and 1 person will be up front – and your paths will never cross in the front office. We are able to offer a reduced rate of $65 ($75 for an initial visit) for a semi-private session. To schedule a semi-private session, please call the office or you can do so online by clicking the Schedule Now button at the top of this page. 

Pod Acupuncture Sessions

You can schedule a time to come in with members of your pod – family, friends, co-workers – and all get treated together with nobody else in the clinic. This will increase your safety and help to reduce the cost even more for each person. The sessions include Acupuncture only and I will treat each person’s individual needs, or you can set up a specialized session focusing on the same issue for everyone, such as immune support or deep relaxation. You will have the whole clinic to yourselves! During these sessions, we can accommodate 3-5 people and the decreased cost is broken down as follows:

3 people - $60 a person

4 people - $55 a person

5 people - $50 a person

If you want to set up some healing time with your loved ones, just give us a call and we’ll arrange it for you!

Private Acupuncture Sessions

In a private session, I will spend an hour with you (the first session is a little longer) and you will have the clinic completely to yourself. This additional time allows for more in-depth lifestyle counseling, both a front and a back treatment in the same session, or more extensive use of cups, gua sha, and other modalities. You can choose private sessions on a regular basis or you can schedule one when you feel like you might need a little extra care. Also, some people just prefer complete privacy to the semi-private clinic. The cost of a private acupuncture session is $120/first session and $100/follow-up sessions. To schedule a private session, please call the office at 845-255-2145.

Monthly Deep Dives

Every month, I collaborate with practitioners of other wellness modalities to bring you beautiful, amplified healing experiences. 

Here’s the scoop:

  • I do a specific acupuncture treatment to align with the intent of the session

  • The other practitioner will then provide their magical offering for 30-minutes while you rest with your treatment in – this might be a guided meditation or gong immersion or sound bath, etc

  • I then put an essential oil on the points after I remove the needles to extend the effects of the session


These are private, small group sessions that you purchase a ticket for ahead of time. All safety measures and precautions are followed. These lovely combinations of modalities help to bring deep restorative relaxation, clearing out of toxins, balance to your nervous system, and strength to your immune system. I don’t advertise our Monthly Deep Dives to the public – they are special sessions for the clinic community and tickets often quickly sell out – these monthly sessions are so loved!

If you would like us to notify you about upcoming events, give us a call and let us know – we’ll put you on our notification list. Tickets

are $100 per person for each of these amazing healing experiences.