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Private Acupuncture Sessions

During a private session, I will spend an hour just with you. This focused time together allows me to go deep into your healing journey with you, to practice from the intention of transformation rather than restoration, and to offer multi-faceted treatments. It also provides increased safety and will allow me to include the following when indicated:


  • A front and a back treatment in the same session (for example, if you are experiencing back pain and allergies, both can be directly addressed in the same session)

  • The use of supportive modalities such as cupping, gua sha, and Epsom salt compresses

  • Time to explore the root cause of what you’re going through and practices to help you release or transform it

  • Ritual and ceremony to support your inner work

  • Guided meditation or energy work while you rest with your treatment in


The cost of this hour of wellness and care is $100

I look so forward to the beautiful work we’ll be able to do together on your healing journey!




Exploring the Benefits of Acupuncture

The practice of Acupuncture is thousands of years old.  It is a dynamic system of healing that continues to evolve.  Acupuncture encourages integrated balance and wellness on all levels - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  It is a catalyst for change and transformation - opening and connecting you with your innate ability to heal and to fully express your vitality and spirit.

Some benefits that clients have experienced include: 

  • Cessation or decrease of pain and other physical ailments so they've been able to do the things they love to do

  • Cultivated a connection with the body and understanding its language of physical symptoms as deeper messages and a call for change

  • Deep restorative relaxation that nourishes and recharges the nervous system and the immune system

  • Improved mental and emotional balance and clarity

  • Released blockages to wellness, joy, creativity, and living more fully

  • Inspiration and support for self-care and balance in daily life


For more information, please visit the About Acupuncture page by clicking here

For New Clients

Is this your first session? Please visit the Forms page here to fill out the initial intake form.




Book a Session

Interested in experiencing the vast healing benefits of Acupuncture? Book an appointment below to get started!

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