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Services at NPCA

Community Clinic Acupuncture Sessions

New Paltz Community Acupuncture offers a community-style practice. This means that we treat up to 5 patients in one open and soothing space. The community clinic enables us to bring down the cost of an acupuncture session. There are Japanese screens placed near each treatment table to provide some privacy. One of the benefits of being treated in community-style is the collective healing energy that is created in a group setting. The first session is $75. Follow-up sessions are $65/session (you decide what you can afford within that range). We hope to offer Community Acupuncture Sessions again as soon as it is safe to do so.

Private Acupuncture Sessions

Private sessions are held on Wednesdays and outside of clinic hours. In a private session, Amy will spend an hour with you (the first session is an hour and a half). This additional time allows for more in-depth lifestyle counseling, both a front and a back treatment in the same session, or more extensive use of cups and gua sha. You can choose private sessions on a regular basis or you can schedule one when you feel like you might need a little extra care. Also, some people just prefer complete privacy to the semi-privacy of the community setting. The cost of a private acupuncture session is $120/first session and $100/follow-up sessions.

Holistic Health Counseling

Amy is a Holistic Health Counselor trained through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She can offer guidance and wisdom about balanced individualized nutrition, creating a lifestyle that supports your health and wellness, and providing nourishment and love to the parts of your life and yourself that feel neglected.  With many tools and resources, she will support and encourage you in making changes, setting and reaching goals, finding deep love for yourself, and cultivating a daily life that you enjoy. The first session is $100 and follow-up sessions are $75.

Customized Private Group Sessions for groups or couples


Private Relaxation

Sessions are held outside of community clinic hours. You can schedule a private session with your partner, friends, family members, or any small group. You'll have the clinic to yourselves and will be treated to acupuncture plus massage and/or Reiki - you let us know what you'd like and we'll arrange that for you and your loved ones. Prices vary depending on the number of people and what we'll be doing. Give us a call to discuss options! This would make a sweet gift too!


"Amazing!!!! We went out for sushi afterwards and sat in silence.

We never sit in silence. I recommended you gals to everyone at work today!"

-Stephanie (after a Private Relaxation Session with her boyfriend, Pat)

Free Addiction Recovery Acupuncture Clinic

As soon as we can, we will start the Free Addiction Recovery Acupuncture Clinic again.  A specific treatment will be given involving 5 ear points. (Please note: this is the only treatment that will be given during the free clinic. If you want to try acupuncture to work on another issue, you will need to set up an appointment for the Community Acupuncture Clinic or a Private Acupuncture Session, and pay the respective fees for those sessions)  This ear point protocol can help to reduce cravings, assist the detox process, calm your nervous system, and support recovery - 3 of the points are for the organs and meridians involved in detoxification, 1 point is to soothe the nervous system, and 1 point is a Spirit point to help you connect with your Heart and your authentic self.  This treatment has proven to be an effective supplement to the recovery process in rehabs for decades. It can be helpful for any type of addiction and at any point of recovery - it can also help to support long time recovery.  The Free Addiction Recovery Clinic is walk-in only - first come, first served.  Other practitioners may volunteer on certain weeks to also offer their services free of charge - such as Reiki and making mandalas.  Come by and let us help you! Please check our Facebook page for any schedule changes.

What is Community Acupuncture?

Most US acupuncturists are in private practice. They treat patients in individual treatment rooms, schedule one patient an hour, and charge at least $100 for a session. This is very effective, but can be difficult for many people to afford given that healing with acupuncture often requires a series of consistent visits over the course of several weeks or months. Community acupuncture provides an alternative that is just as effective and much more affordable. Community acupuncture treatments occur in a semi-private open space with several people receiving treatment at the same time, similar to treatment practices in China. The acupuncture session is streamlined allowing the acupuncturist to treat more people at once, resulting in lower patient cost. This allows for frequent, affordable treatments while providing high quality care.

The Clinic


At New Paltz Community Acupuncture, we have taken the following environmentally-conscious steps:

  • EarthLite Massage Tables: EarthLite doesn't use rainforest hardwoods or wood from old growth forests. They depend solely upon farmed and renewable wood sources. The tables are made with CFC Free foams, 100% PU vinyls, and water-based lacquers. The company has a commitment to recycling and to treating their employees well:

  • Bulk-pack Needles: Acupuncture needles often come individually wrapped with 1 guide-tube for each needle. This is a waste of packing and plastic. We use DBC bulk-packs in which 10 needles come in a sterile pack and there is 1 guide-tube for 10 needles. While this still produces waste, it helps to cut it down.

  • 100% Recycled Products:
    - File folders
    - Copy paper
    - Business cards


  • Green cleaning products and laundry products are used

Community Acupuncture

Your First Visit

  • After you check in at the front desk, Amy will greet you and bring you into a private intake room to discuss your health concerns and goals. This typically takes about 10-15 minutes.

  • You will then be brought into the community room for your treatment. Amy will insert the needles and will then allow you to relax for about 20 minutes. You may find that you fall asleep or drift into a deeply relaxed state.

  • Once the needles are removed, one of the other treatment modalities may or may not be used.

  • When your treatment is complete, you can quietly gather your belongings and go back out to the waiting room. Please feel free to sit and relax out there and have some tea or water.

Your Subsequent Visits

  • After you check in at the front desk, you can go quietly into the community room and find a table

  • Amy will come over and ask you a few, brief update questions. She may also check your pulses and take a look at your tongue

  • She will then do your treatment for you and let you rest, just like in your first treatment.

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