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At New Paltz Community Acupuncture, we have taken the following environmentally-conscious steps:

  • EarthLite Massage Tables: EarthLite doesn't use rainforest hardwoods or wood from old growth forests. They depend solely upon farmed and renewable wood sources. The tables are made with CFC Free foams, 100% PU vinyls, and water-based lacquers. The company has a commitment to recycling and to treating their employees well:

  • Bulk-pack Needles: Acupuncture needles often come individually wrapped with 1 guide-tube for each needle. This is a waste of packing and plastic. We use DBC bulk-packs in which 10 needles come in a sterile pack and there is 1 guide-tube for 10 needles. While this still produces waste, it helps to cut it down.

  • 100% Recycled Products:
    - File folders
    - Copy paper
    - Business cards


  • Green cleaning products and laundry products are used

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